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As varied as the lands the inhabit, Aarden’s six races have a long and complicated relationship with one another. Unfortunately, many of these interactions have been hostile, with each race assured in their own superiority.



The Human Race is one of the three races of the Jovan Coalition. Adventurous, creative, and strong-willed, they have left a strong mark on both Illyria and Therra. Humans are gifted with holy magic, particularly the gift of healing and the elemental magic of fire. Humans uniquely have the ability of necromancy, owing to their one-time allegiance to Selvath. However, magic is uncommon amongst humans, only occurring in its full form with one in ten thousand. Humans have an average life expectancy of eighty years.

-Imperic Encyclopedia, Volume I: The Races of Aarden 





The Elvish People are the founders of the Jovan Coalition and its leader. They are known for their wisdom, peaceful ways of life, and incredible physical senses. Elves bear the strongest magic of the five races. They are gifted with powerful wind, water, and earth manipulation. Because they do not possess healing magic, they instead rely on an advanced knowledge of medicine. They are unique among the races in their ability to commune with animals. The gift of magic occurs most frequently in this race, being found in one in four. Being blessed by their loyalty to Jovan, elves have an average lifespan of five- hundred years.

– Imperic Encyclopedia, Volume I: The Races of Aarden 





The Dwarven peoples were the second race to align with the Jovan Coalition. These short and stocky people are known for their ingenuity, resolve, and isolationism. Dwarves were only gifted one magical ability, that of enchantment. None-the-less, being the creative engineers, they are, this has been used to great effect, powering machines and making mighty weapons. Magic is rare amongst the dwarves. Most the other races are unaware they even possess it. Dwarf Rune Masters are such a closely guarded secret that even those who aware of their existence do not know the number of them alive. Dwarves live around three-hundred years, owing to the dangerous lifestyle they lead.

– Imperic Encyclopedia, Volume I: The Races of Aarden 





Are the primary race of the Alliance of Selvath. Intelligent as humans, they are known for their incredible ability to survive on almost anything. Orcs are not known to possess any magical abilities, instead, they have mastered manipulating the natural elements in warfare. They are the most physically powerful and tall of all the races of Aarden. Due to the violent lifestyle they lead, it is not fully understood how long they live, though the elves put them at one-hundred and twenty years.

– Imperic Encyclopedia, Volume I: The Races of Aarden 





The diminutive Goblins were the last race to choose sides during the Darkness, settling on the Alliance of Selvath. While they are the weakest mentally and physically, goblins are renowned for their unwavering loyalty to their orc masters. Given the proper resources, they are almost the equal of dwarves as craftsman. Rarely, perhaps one in ten thousand of the race will possess the arcane magic known as Dorchadas. The Goblin’s greatest attribute lays in their ability to reproduce. Though possessing a short lifespan of thirty years, the average female will produce twenty to thirty offspring that reach maturity in only six years. 




– Imperic Encyclopedia, Volume I: The Races of Aarden 





Hibrideach are commonly known in Imperial lands as hybrids, are an extreme rarity. All the five races of Aarden are capable of crossbreeding, however such taboo is placed on the practice by all cultures that it is extremely rare. At one time, human-elf and orc-goblin hybrids were not unheard of however it was banned by the Illyrian Empire from the fear of the exceptionally powerful offspring produced from such unions. While their status in the orc realms is unknown, it is thought that such mating is rare due to the status of goblins in orc culture.

-Imperic Encyclopedia, Volume I: The Races of Aarden